15 Celebs in Serious Tax Trouble (You Wouldn't Want to be Them!)

Nicolas Cage

Tax season has come and gone already, so you still have enough time to get yourself prepared for all those payments. However, if you’re feeling pretty bad about missing out on it, don’t worry; there are much worse people than you. To be more specific, we’re talking about celebrities. It’s actually quite amusing to know that these famous people have more than enough money to handle their tax concerns, yet choose not to, opting to wait out making their payments or just evading them altogether. If you’d like to know who’s much worse than you with regard to taxes, read on.

Let's start with Nicolas Cage. Back in 2010, the Oscar winning actor had gotten himself in trouble with the IRS. He apparently owed 14 million dollars. He’s then paid 6.25 million dollars out of his total debt. That’s why he’s continuing to make pretty crappy movies, all for a good paycheck which can pay off his tax problems.

Bar Rafaeli

This supermodel, who was once romantically attached to Leonardo Dicaprio, doesn’t exactly have the cleanest slate. In fact, she was arrested for evading her tax obligations in Israel. She avoided paying her shekels, and also owed 257,000 dollars for stuff like her luxury cars as well as her housing in Tel Aviv’s W Towers. She was released after getting her 193,000 dollar bail settled.

Christie Brinkley

Christie certainly had many men drooling over her various Sports Illustrated covers back in the early 80s. She was also married to David Copperfield, magician extraordinaire. However, she couldn’t make a disappearing act out of her IRS debts. She had been in debt for 500,000 dollars, yet she was also quite quick to resolve the problem and immediately paid it all off.

Sophia Loren

Here’s one of the sirens of the silver screen back in its golden age. Sophia Loren, Italian big screen bombshell, made a name for herself with the sultry accent, a gorgeous body and great acting abilities. However, even with all her earnings, she couldn’t get her finances in check. Back in 1982, she was actually jailed for 18 days due to tax evasion.

Wesley Snipes

Wesley Snipes has had a great career in movies, until he was charged with 8 counts of tax fraud back in 2006. He had made an attempt to get 12 million dollars’ worth of refunds from the federal government, but that didn’t work out too well. He was then convicted of these three counts in 2008, sending him to jail. He served a 3-year sentence in prison since 2010 and is now back to making movies.