15 Celebs in Serious Tax Trouble (You Wouldn't Want to be Them!)

Kelly Osbourne

Tax season has come and gone already, so you still have enough time to get yourself prepared for all those payments. However, if you’re feeling pretty bad about missing out on it, don’t worry; there are much worse people than you. To be more specific, we’re talking about celebrities. It’s actually quite amusing to know that these famous people have more than enough money to handle their tax concerns, yet choose not to, opting to wait out making their payments or just evading them altogether. If you’d like to know who’s much worse than you with regard to taxes, read on.

Kelly Osbourne was looking to break away from the comforts of living with a famous family. She then decided to venture into music and fashion to much success. Yet, just like her father Ozzy, she was also dealing with tax problems. In fact, she owed 30,000 dollars to the state of California back in 2011.

Val Kilmer

Just when you thought that being a one-time Batman and portraying Jim Morrison in a biopic directed by Oliver Stone would set you up for life, you had thought wrong. Val Kilmer was once one of Hollywood’s biggest prospects and crowd drawing names in movies. Yet, his career has gone so far downhill that it’s tough for him to get any proper roles in the industry. Not to mention, he had owed the IRS 538,000 dollars back in 2009, only to be followed the next year with a tax lien of nearly 500,000 dollars.