15 Summer Bummer Beach Fails

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Summer is almost over and some of us are sad that it is. If only time would stop and if only it could be summer all year. We will definitely miss the sand, the sea, the volleyball, the sun, and what will be left is our tanned summer-kissed skin. Whatever the case is, people are always looking forward to that time of the year that they don’t have to think about their problems in life because they let the waves crash them down. However, despite of the fun that we had this summer, some of us just had too much fun, either intentionally or accidentally. And thanks to these people, we could say that our summer vacation could fail us sometime.Running on the sand is everyone’s hobby. It just feels good to submerge your feet in those tiny and fine particles. But what if it was your face who was submerged in the sand? Will it feel the same way as your feet feels underneath? I cannot answer that for you but I’m sure that this girl will. And no one has to be blamed but herself, she rested faced down.

You have to know the dog's territory.

Who would not love lying on the sand in the beach? Of course you have to get your tan before summer ends. But sometimes, there are just parts of the beach where you have to watch out for cats and dogs roaming around because unlike you, they have been marking their territories these past few days. So, if you want to lie down and relax, better make sure no dogs or cats sniffing around that part of the beach because you'll definitely be marked when you don't.

The Shrieker

After four vodka tonics, her voice gets three octaves higher and everything gets SUPER EXCITING!!! Every song that comes on is “her jam,” and she’s gonna let everyone know. Oh, and also, she hasn’t seen you in “SOOOOOOOO long!!!!” Love ’em or hate ’em, we’ve seen (or even been) all of ’em. Behold the 16 types of drunk girls you will encounter in life.

The Scrappy One

Whatever you do, do not piss this girl off. Just don’t. She will take her earrings out, start talking with her hands and rip your heart and soul out. The only case in which this type of drunk girl is good to have around is when you are the one she is fighting for. If she’s fighting you… run.

Dude got stuck in the winter.

This dude cannot let it go. When we're celebrating because it's summer again, winter is not over for this guy. He even made a protest by wearing his winter gear and ski set. But at the end of the day, he realized that whatever he does, he can't bring winter back. So, what he did was ski over the sand and tries to picture it as snow mountains. Poor guy!