23 Fails Waiting for that Perfect Time

That’s one heck of an oral experience.

It is very important that you pay close attention to every little thing that you do. There’s no telling when a case of being absent minded will lead to some disasters you totally did not see coming. You will then forever be etched in the annals of epic fail history. Don’t know what to make of what we’re saying? Feel free to be negligent when you have these things in your vicinity, then. We’ll all be too happy to see you suffer in hilarity.

Care to brush your teeth in the morning? You better look closely then. There’s nothing worse than having to accidentally put some Nair in your mouth. Heck, even your tongue might go crazy on this, and for the worse.


Oh man, it’s almost as if the guys at the supermarket wanted you to buy both at the same time. They’ve probably seen so many Mentos challenge videos on Youtube. Heck, if you don’t even know what that is, good. Forget the fact that we’re making a big deal out of this. Try drinking Diet Coke with Mentos in your mouth, it’ll be fun.

Oral anesthetic days.

It’s pretty easy to confuse these two if you’re in a rush. We can imagine you being in a rush since you’re going to be late for work if you don’t. You brush your teeth, then go on your way. For the entire day, you can’t talk or feel your mouth, looking like a partial catatonic.

How’s that coffee?

We prefer cream in our coffee, to be honest. We probably couldn’t live without it. Hence, it would take a complete idiot to not notice the difference between these two cartons. Feel free to try drinking coffee and egg whites at the same time then. We won’t judge.

Not much to be grateful for during Thanksgiving.

It’s so easy to mistake the boxes for one another here. Hence, if you’re being ignorant, you just might end up making some hot chocolate. Unfortunately, that would also be what you’ll be dipping those slices of turkey into. Either that, or you’ll be drinking gravy.