25 Celebrities Victim of Aging

Britney Spears

Britney Spears was truly a cutie during her younger days.  Then again, she went through that highly publicized meltdown which nearly ruined her career.  Nowadays, she’s older and wiser, although we would like to emphasize the former, particularly with her looks.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Say what you will about Arnold Schwarzenegger.  The dude is just a straight up boss in bodybuilding, movies and politics.  It’s just too bad that he looks nothing like Mr, Olympia in this day and age.

Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey used to be among the biggest musical artists of her day.  These days, she’s just an artist who is pretty big, size-wise.  Such a sad sight to see after all those years of admiring her “body” of work.

Matthew Perry

Matthew Perry still has that bit of charm that made him quite famous on “Friends.”  It’s just unfortunate that his face is starting to resemble an orange peel.  That, plus the fact that his neck is sagging terribly.

Burt Reynolds

When you’re a vain guy like Burt Reynolds, you’d want to hold on to your good looks forever.  However, even all the money in the world can’t pull it off flawlessly.  Eventually, you’re going to look like a clay-faced geriatric with a bad toupee.