Hell no.

You know, you could’ve just picked a much simpler name. Xili sounds too silly. Oh wait, did we just make a joke there? See how easy that was for us? Imagine what it would be like for your kid to have to go through that someday.

What? NO!

We understand if parents treat their babies like royalty. After all, they do deserve to be treasured so much. However, giving your child a name like this is just pushing it to the point of arrogance. I would definitely not bow down to anyone with that name.

Well that’s a no.

Okay, it looks like we’ve got a Teen Titan in the making. Fire Star, really? Will your child also have orange skin, red hair and glowing eyes? Because if she did, you’d be totally excused for that. We also find the other name choices to be fairly amusing. Guys, come on, don’t give your kids a hard time when they get to the age of being ready to head off to school.

Can you say nope?

Why would you not just settle for Angel? Naming your kid Legna sounds a little off. It’s as if you wanted to name her after some kind of strange pasta. Either that, or you’ve predicted she was going to be far from an angel when she grows up.

Oh hell no!

Dahlia would have been a much better choice. Idahlia just sounds like a restaurant that sells potato wedges and tater tots. You don’t even get points for creativity, because you clearly copied that from the person who posted this status. Shame on you for being such a blatant rip-off.

Hell to the no.

We don’t understand the logic behind your child’s name. Why would you want to pick a name that is basically a variation of a female’s reproductive organ? Sure, the kid came from there indeed, but why? No living person in the world would ever want to have that name at all.