50 Examples of the Worst Tramp Stamps Possible

Ladies, if you’ve got a tattoo on your lower back hip, that’s called a tramp stamp. Granted, it may not be the classiest name for that kind of ink, but it all depends on how you carry yourself. However, in the case of the following women, there are anything but classy.

Definitely not a Happy Meal…

This sort of tattoo is enough to scare us off from eating burgers and McNuggets. We’re none too pleased with the design, nor are we even impressed with the woman’s gall to get an ink job this poorly done. Color us unimpressed, for we have just lost our appetite.

Bad ink job.

Definitely not something we’d like to see on any woman we’d be interested in. The overall skankiness of such a tattoo is just too much to handle. Never mind the fact that she’s also into football — we just can’t bear the ugliness of such a sight.