Too much…

A tattoo is best looking when simplified. Nobody would like to take the time to read down a long passage from the Bible down your back anyways. Unless, they really love you and are also quite spiritually in touch, which makes you pretty fortunate to some extent.

Duck Hunt? Really?

Okay, maybe this tattoo isn’t so bad. Hey, don’t judge us, because we’re huge fans of that old Duck Hunt game for the NES. This just solidifies our convictions on loving gamer girls.

We’d like to cut that.

Yes, we have gone on to full-on hater mode now. We hate looking at women who’ve got their thongs riding way up high beyond their butt cracks. So, to see something like this is just sending us over the edge.

Hitting the nail right on the coffin…

Why anyone would ever want to admit sluttiness is beyond our comprehension. Why would you ever do such a thing at all? We can’t get the logic behind such self deprecation.

Commemoration much?

Yes, we get that Ronald Reagan was one of the finest Presidents in the past several years. We understand that you’d like to pay respects to his memory and all that he’s accomplished. However, we certainly don’t want to say “Hello Mr. President” every time you go out to the beach and wear a bikini.

You don’t say?

With a tattoo like that, we doubt even the biggest pervert on the planet is even going to want any anal at all. He’ll just be reminded that he’s not supposed to slip anything in your crap hole. Surely a mood killer, don’t you think?