Ariana not that Grande? Oh, that's Kendall

Kendall Jenner definitely got our attention with the photo above. The one below it also drew our attention, but in the funniest way possible. The struggle is indeed real.

Jessica Simpson for Fisher Price

Hey, not everybody can afford a luxury car. So, what do you do? Use your own kid’s toy car and dress up like a model, that’s what.

Selena and the Straw

Selena’s pulling off the sexy look with just a cup of Starbucks coffee and a straw. The other gal’s just going all out on the straws and the wine glass, much to our guts busting.

Just Got Out from Bed

When life brings you challenges, just raise a leg up. Even then, that could be a challenge in its own right, especially in this specific pose.

Poolin' it Together

There’s absolutely no way anyone could come close to pulling off this pose by Amber Rose. However, the funny chick on the right is just too good to resist.

Sexy? Not!

It’s funny how something so sexy could easily turn into an icky situation. That’s exactly what we got with the photo below, much to our amusement.