Flashback: 25 Celebrity High School Year Book Photos

Eva Mendes

Back in your high school days, you may have started to create your own sense of style. You’ve also gone through certain experiences which you may either cherish or lock away in the back of your mind forever. However, if you put the celebrities you know and love in the mix, you’d definitely see just how far they’ve come from being normal, everyday people. Some of them look the same, others not so much, but do know that these are really them as they once were.

This Latin firecracker looks the same as she did when she was younger. Who can even disregard that trademark mole of hers? She’s got that winning smile that makes men fall to their knees. Yes, Eva was and always will be beautiful.

Anne Hathaway

Before she achieved industry success with her debut performance in “The Princess Diaries”, Anne Hathaway was your regular girl-next-door type. Of course, it didn’t take too long until film producers took notice of her beauty. Well, you know what they say, right? If Anne hath a will, Anne hath a way.

Robert Downey Jr.

Look at what we have here. It’s Mr. Tony Stark himself. Robert Downey Jr. certainly carries that trademark smirk with him wherever he goes. It’s also somewhat mind boggling that just a few years after, he was fired from Saturday Night Live because people didn’t think he was that funny nor was he a gifted actor. Oh, how times have changed.

Jesse Eisenberg

Oh hey look, guys! It’s Mark Zuckerberg, or rather the same actor who played as him in the movie “The Social Network.” Jesse Eisenberg has fairly youthful looks despite being around his 30’s today. Hence, it doesn’t really make much of a difference, you could tell right away that this was him even if it was a high school photo.

Owen Wilson

He is largely known for comedic roles in films. Yet, you probably wouldn’t even come to think that Owen Wilson attended military school. It’s quite the turnaround for him, to be honest. However, we’ve heard and seen more unlikely stories from some of our favorite celebrities.