Last Name Fails You Can't Unsee


There are many women these days who prefer to keep their last names once they’ve gotten married.  However, there are still those who choose hyphenated last names instead.  It symbolizes that you’re one half of a married couple while also keeping with your individuality.  When this happens, there’s a chance that it won’t sound right when said out loud.  If you’re a little confused as to what we’re talking about, you might want to check the following photos so we can rest our case.

Damn, that’s going to take a lot of practice for this lanky looking tall dude. She’s not petite, but she sure doesn’t look like a waif either. Hence, he’d have to work on those leg and arm muscles to make sure that he does Fillerup-Standing.

This couple doesn’t seem to be the PG or G-rated type. With last names like those, it’s more fitting that they belong in a horror film. We just hope they don’t actually live it out if they ever get to the brink of an ugly divorce.

If you want to put it that way, well okay. That’s what you want to call those bits of yours. Oh wait, that’s actually your last names? Oops, our bad, we didn’t mean anything by it.

It looks like these two were definitely a dream pairing. Heck, many gay couples would kill for the chance to have those last names. It’s just too perfect not to be make fun of, to be honest