Last Name Fails You Can't Unsee

There are many women these days who prefer to keep their last names once they’ve gotten married.  However, there are still those who choose hyphenated last names instead.  It symbolizes that you’re one half of a married couple while also keeping with your individuality.  When this happens, there’s a chance that it won’t sound right when said out loud.  If you’re a little confused as to what we’re talking about, you might want to check the following photos so we can rest our case.

She is definitely going to be doing a lot of it during the honeymoon. If all ends up right, she’ll be glad to do just that to please her man. Sorry, we couldn’t resist saying it out loud and not thinking of a porno.

Judging by how this guy looks, it may take a while for him to do exactly just that. Then again, we’ve been deceived a few times before. Whatever happens, we’re rooting for you, bro.