She is definitely going to be doing a lot of it during the honeymoon. If all ends up right, she’ll be glad to do just that to please her man. Sorry, we couldn’t resist saying it out loud and not thinking of a porno.

Judging by how this guy looks, it may take a while for him to do exactly just that. Then again, we’ve been deceived a few times before. Whatever happens, we’re rooting for you, bro.

This couple must really be quite the hands-on pair eh? We’re assuming that she just can’t resist her hubby that she’d have her hands all over him at every chance she gets. We’re also talking private extremities here, just to live up to that hyphenated last name.

Oh you do? Well that’s great! Whatever tickles your fancy, man. We probably don’t want to be around when that happens.

If she ever decides to leave this marriage, you only have to ask where she went. Yeah, she definitely Wendt-Adaway. So far away from her husband, that is.

This sounds like a bad joke played by a father who also happens to be a urinologist. It’s like he decided that his son would have to marry someone with Showers for a last name. That’d be one kinky marriage, just by name alone.