Plastic Surgery Fails That You Might Want To Avoid

Surgery's Epic Fails

Every body wants to be beautiful. One has to use a beauty regimen everyday to maintain that youth. But sometimes, one uses the extremes of plastic surgery. There might not be any harm in changing a few features of your body. But, once you are hooked and obsess in looking pretty good, it turns out to be really bad. These are some of the plastic surgery fails that did horror to people and to the world.

Jackie, Uh Oh

Jackie Stallone, or the mother of the famous Sylvester Stallone aka Rocky, is one of the many women who paid much to look young again. I guess everyone is afraid of getting old and ugly, and plastic surgery is the only solution. Well, is this the transformation you were looking for? It’s like looking at the reaper from hell, if you ask me.

Nikki the Botox killed ya!

Nikki Cox, known for her role in Unhappily Ever After, sure looks different before. With an injection of botox, she can hardly smile for the camera because all of her facial muscles are tightened. Because plastic surgery often connotes puffy lips, she seems to be puckering those flaps always. She must realize that botox will not do any good to that (once) pretty face of hers. What a waste!

Mannequin? More like melted mannequin

After plastic surgery, people tend to look less human and more of a humanoid with a weird facial expression. And yes, I am talking about this woman looking like a scary mannequin. Her chin looks like it can stab you to death. Those facelifts surely erased anything that is originally given by her mother.

Potato face anyone?

Nope, this is not a mask for the Halloween party. This is a face of a woman who has undergone tons of facelifts and botox to look like that. There is a fine line between enough and too much. For this woman, the plastic surgeon has done too much for sure.