Daryl Hannah -- older obviously

Daryl Hannah, one of the hottest stars in the 80s. It is undeniable that older women wants to be younger, maybe afraid of losing their husbands or whatever the reason behind the want for transformation. But for Hannah, whatever the reason is, it cannot justify the horrendous result of her plastic surgery. And to think she paid thousands of dollars for this look!

Apple-sized lips, anyone?

Nope, that’s not an apple, that is a woman’s lips gone so wrong it filled her face up. She’s not suffering from any allergies. She did not get stung by a bee. That is what beauty is for her and it is so awful to look at. Can she even eat or drink with those lips? I guess the man that she’s with has a fetish for lips.

Her obsession with Jessica Rabbit didn't do much. But good job to the doctor 'coz she looks like a Bratz doll!

Kristina Rei is a woman obsessed with Jessica Rabbit so she transformed herself to her favorite cartoon character. How can you do such thing to such a pretty face? Well, lucky for her, she now holds the Guinness Book of World Records for biggest lips. Scary what plastic surgeons can do to your face with some chemicals and injections here and there.

Amanda decides to become a drag queen 24/7

Amanda Lepore, one of the outstanding actresses in the past, had too much injected on her face leading her to look like this. Plastic surgery is not some toy you can throw away; it will stick with you forever. And once you get addicted to it, it will only make your face worse. It really looks like she has that permanent smile going for the camera. Oh wait, yes, it’s permanent.

Donatella Versace: Nope, Not Halloween

Donatella Versace, the designer who was looking okay on the left but now who looks like a zombie on the right. If this does not scare you, what will? Of so many appointments with her plastic surgeon, her face seems like it will fall off in any second now. Despite being one of the top designers in the world, that face does not suit you at all, dahling!

Lips before anything else

People may have issues on how they look or how they want to look. But come on, being crazy enough to consent to look like this is stupid. I doubt it if this woman can use her mouth for anything. It looks like she needs to be intubated in order to eat or drink. This is just too much that went wrong in so many aspects.