Put Down The Bottle! 15 Epic Drunk Fails

Jumping jacks. They’re a good way of keeping fit. They’re great exercise, working the arms and legs and giving a great all-round aerobic workout. To get the most out of them though, you need to do them standing up. So this lying down version? Covered in a hundred recently-drained beer bottles? They’re not the recommended version. Still, they look like they might just be a tiny little bit entirely much better. *HIC*

Sometimes drink can make you behave a little strangely, as you probably know. Your judgement becomes impaired. You make unusual decisions. Like, romantically. Do you get what we’re saying? Sure you do. Not that there’s anything wrong with this lady. You know, in particular. And hey – maybe the boozed-up guy’s no oil painting anyway. We mean, c’mon… we don’t care how many beers you’ve had – those Fred Durst baseball caps are never acceptable. That’s the real fail here.

Here’s a rather depressing looking scene. These two fellas are about as wasted as it’s probably possibly to be without exploding or something (We don’t know, does that happen?). Weirdly, there’s no booze remains about. Where are all the bottles and things? Man, are these two so drunk they’ve eaten them all? Now that would be a drunken fail. It’d certainly make this backwards chair fall look a little dull.

Finally, a little bit of drunken fun we can get on board with. Now this stair surfing effort looks a like a decent time. But that’s only because we’re looking at a midway snapshot of events. What happened 1.5 seconds after this photo was taken? Oh, you’ve guessed it. This beered-up dude smashed headfirst into his front door and swallowed a mouthful of teeth. Let’s just hope he was left with at least one gnasher so he can open his cans, eh?

Who knew that Minnie Mouse let her hair down so extravagantly, eh? We hear it’s all down to Mickey. A workaholic who’s had a string of extramarital affairs, Minnie’s inattentive husband has driven her to alcoholism. Usually it’s just a few wines, but here we see her after a full night of vodka swigging. We see her here, topless and showing off her wide range of controversial tattoos. Drunken Disney fail.