Put Down The Bottle! 15 Epic Drunk Fails

Ah, booze. Lovely, lovely booze. The nectar of the gods, some call it. There’s nothing better than an ice cold beer on a hit summer’s day or a large glass of wine after a long hard day at work. But, as we all know, alcohol has its downsides. But we don’t want to get into alcoholism or liver failure or anything that serious. You’re best off speaking to your doctor about that kind of business. We want to talk about the slightly more light-hearted downsides to the sauce. When drunkenness goes wrong. Badly wrong. Here are the booziest drunk fails ever. PUT DOWN THE BOTTLE!

Hey, we can see your flaps! When you’re a lady in a skirt on the razz and you get tipsy always make sure your flaps aren’t visible to anyone wanting to take a sneaky photograph. This woman’s forgotten that golden rule. We can all see that flap. She’s even put her head into it. She’s done well to get halfway through, but still. This is embarrassing. This is what we call a drunk fail.

We’ve all been drunk, haven’t we? And we’ve all been naked. We’ve – mostly – all been on a roof at some point or another. But very rarely do we score the trifecta. This guy, though – he has. And it’s been captured on camera for posterity. Mind you, we don’t know the dude. Maybe this isn’t a great snap of an unusual little episode. Maybe he’s just a big ol’ nude-y drunk who lives on a roof. You never know.