Hey, we can see your flaps! When you’re a lady in a skirt on the razz and you get tipsy always make sure your flaps aren’t visible to anyone wanting to take a sneaky photograph. This woman’s forgotten that golden rule. We can all see that flap. She’s even put her head into it. She’s done well to get halfway through, but still. This is embarrassing. This is what we call a drunk fail.

We’ve all been drunk, haven’t we? And we’ve all been naked. We’ve – mostly – all been on a roof at some point or another. But very rarely do we score the trifecta. This guy, though – he has. And it’s been captured on camera for posterity. Mind you, we don’t know the dude. Maybe this isn’t a great snap of an unusual little episode. Maybe he’s just a big ol’ nude-y drunk who lives on a roof. You never know.

This crazy story is great. We love it. There’s always one dude in your little crowd who passes out and misses half the party, isn’t there? You have to fill them in the next day about everything they’ve missed. Well, this dude (on the left, obviously) is that guy. Passed out drunk in a bar, his pals spot Tom Hanks on the next table. Crazy, right? And Forrest Gump has a neat idea. Pose for this awesome picture… What a shocker for Ol’ Drunky the next day! Just imagine…

Ah, the old drunken moose fail. There’s always one, isn’t there? Okay, maybe not. But when they happen, they happen BIG. They’re epic. What happened here is that this Scandinavian moose ate a whole bunch of fermented apples and got drunk off them! Yep, really. That’s a thing that happens. They’re really placid ordinarily, but when drunk? They turn aggressive and dangerous and ram cars and get tangled up in trees. Just like our pal Mike.

Finally, a little bit of drunken fun we can get on board with. Now this stair surfing effort looks a like a decent time. But that’s only because we’re looking at a midway snapshot of events. What happened 1.5 seconds after this photo was taken? Oh, you’ve guessed it. This beered-up dude smashed headfirst into his front door and swallowed a mouthful of teeth. Let’s just hope he was left with at least one gnasher so he can open his cans, eh?

Faceplants. No, they’re not flora that grow out of the front of your head. They’re when you land on the floor face first. But you already knew that, didn’t you? Sorry. Anyway, booze is known to encourage an abundance of these face-first falls. As we can see here. And often, what with your friends being as drunk if not more drunk than you – you get very little pity, comfort, reassurance or help. You just get laughed a. And photographed.