16 Drunk College Girls: Which were you?

The "It’s 5 O’Clock Somewhere" Girl

All seven of your Saturday morning voicemails are always from this girl. Most of them are of her thinking she is actually having a conversation with you. “You are the best friend ever. Like literally ever. You are so perfect, I just want to make out with your face.” Without these girls, how would we know that we have friends who love us at 2:30 in the morning?

She doesn’t care what time it is, what she’s doing or where she’s at - she is always down to drink. She’s the girl who pre-games the pre-game to the pre-game, bongs every beer and cures her hangovers with mimosas.

The “I’m Not Even That Drunk” One

She’s a really good liar… or so she thinks. This girl is like a one-woman circus, spending half of her night downing shots and the other half doing back handsprings trying to prove that she’s “not even that drunk.” Sometimes it is actually believable for a minute... until she doesn’t land that back handspring well and crashes into the DJ booth.