The "It’s 5 O’Clock Somewhere" Girl

She doesn’t care what time it is, what she’s doing or where she’s at - she is always down to drink. She’s the girl who pre-games the pre-game to the pre-game, bongs every beer and cures her hangovers with mimosas.

The “I’m Not Even That Drunk” One

She’s a really good liar… or so she thinks. This girl is like a one-woman circus, spending half of her night downing shots and the other half doing back handsprings trying to prove that she’s “not even that drunk.” Sometimes it is actually believable for a minute... until she doesn’t land that back handspring well and crashes into the DJ booth.

The Flirt

Everything (and anything) with a pulse flocks to this girl when she’s in the bar. She could be on the verge of a severe blackout and still look adorable. She has perfected the drunk pout and can get you a free drink in three seconds flat by batting her fake eyelashes at the bartender. Be careful of this girl, though; those fake eyelashes might bat so hard that even your boyfriend will be drawn to her.

The Disappearing Act

You look away for one second and she’s gone. Drunk girls are always losing friends, and our poor judgment of time leaves us ready to round up a search team. “Where is Kelly? She went to the bathroom 10 minutes ago. I think she’s dead.”

The One-Drink Wonder

It's like the calm before the storm: she's the adorably innocent girl who sits with her legs crossed tightly at the bar, then throws back one Mike’s Hard and is three sheets to the wind. Part of us wishes we could still get drunk off of one wine cooler, and the other part of us wishes she would stop telling everyone in the bar about Fancy, her miniature poodle with cataracts who is basically her hero.

The Dancing Machine

It’s all fun and games until this girl shows up on the dance floor. You're having a great time re-enacting the Napoleon Dynamite dance with your friends, then this girl clears the way and starts doing sexy pirouettes. She drops it so low you start to question if she’ll even make it back up.